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Your Council plan and strategies

Area +

Find out about Area + and our commitment to area working

Civil Contingencies and emergency management

Find out what actions we have in place in case of an emergency, as well as what you can do to avoid the risks


Find out about how we support communities and the voluntary sector

Council Plan

Find out about our current Council Plan

Cyber Security Strategy

This strategy demonstrates our commitment and the key actions we will take to further establish a trusted digital environment for SSDC.

Enforcement Policy

View South Somerset District Council's Enforcement Policy for 2016-2020

Environment Strategy

Find out information about our Environment Strategy including how it was made, our commitments and consultation undertaken

Equality and diversity

Find out about our policies regarding equality and diversity

Historic environment strategy

Find out about our Historic environment strategy

Housing strategy

Find out about the housing strategy for South Somerset and Somerset as a whole

Localism and community rights

Find out about the Localism Act and the associated community rights

Planning for open space, sport and recreation

Find out about planning for open space, sport and recreation, including our strategy and assessments

Planning Policy

Find out about planning policy here at South Somerset, including our Local Plan and Local Plan review


Information about procurement Contracts register

Transport information and strategy

Find out more about transport information

Recovery and Renewal Strategy

Find out about our Recovery and Renewal Strategy

Future Chard Strategy

Find out more about our Future Chard Strategy here.

Health and safety

Find out about our health and safety policy.