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Your Council

Your Councillors

Find out all the information you need about your Councillors

Council meetings

Find out about our Town and Parish Councils and the agendas, minutes and decisions from our meetings

Your Council plan and strategies

Find out about our current plans and strategies, including our planning policy and housing strategy

Environment, health and leisure

Find out about parks, open spaces, sports, leisure and community events

How we work

Find out how the Council works, including our communications and management team

Spending and performance

Find out about our spending and performance, including our budgets, fees and charges

Data protection and freedom of information

Find out about freedom of information and what we are doing to protect your data

Elections and voting

Find out about different ways of voting, the roles of a Councillor and information on our current elections

Consultations and Surveys

You will be able to access current consultations and surveys on this page

Working at South Somerset District Council

Find out about working or volunteering with us here at South Somerset

Compliments, comments and complaints

Let us know if you are happy with our service or suggest how we can improve

Commercial investments

Find out about our latest commercial investments and our commercial strategy

Data and information

Find out about Freedom of Information requests and information we hold

Code of Conduct and Whistleblowing Policy

On this page you can access a copy of the Council's Code of Conduct and our Whistleblowing Policy for staff and elected members

Environmental Services and MOT Centre

Find out about our Environmental Services and MOT Centre