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Search for a planning application

Search for current planning applications, past decisions, appeals and issued enforcement notices by keyword, application reference, postcode or by a single line of an address.

Our Planning search can also be used from Building Control searches by clicking on the drop down menu next to Planning within the search page.

See our guides for more information on the Public Access portal, including how to registerhow to search and how to comment on applications.

You can also view our video guide on searching applications

Register for a planning public access portal account to save specific searches of interest to you such as Parish, Ward or post code and track specific applications online.  Please note you do not need to register on the Public Access portal in order to make comments on planning applications. All comments submitted on the portal are put into the public realm. If we receive comments about a planning application that are considered to be defamatory to another person, these remarks will not be included in any reports or published on the Council’s website. This is because publishing a defamatory statement may constitute a libel. Depending upon circumstances such comments may be redacted or not published.

Begin your action by clicking the 'Search for Planning applications' button below.

Search for planning applications

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