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Report a breach of planning control

Planning enforcement is the process we use to investigate and resolve breaches of planning control and includes reports about development taking place without planning permission, breaches of planning conditions or properties and land being used for business or other uses without permission.

The majority of breaches reported are resolved by discussion and negotiation to the benefit of all parties. We have statutory powers which we use when necessary.

Examples of planning control breaches include:

  • Erection or new buildings and extensions to existing buildings where planning permission has been granted but approved plans and related conditions have not been followed properly 
  • Unauthorised works to a Listed Building both internal and external
  • Unauthorised works to a tree subject to a Tree Preservation Order
  • Changes of use of land or a building
  • Display of unauthorised advertisements
  • Untidy land or buildings

Planning breaches do not include:

  • Neighbour disputes
  • Land boundaries or ownership disputes
  • Works to party walls – Contact Citizens’ Advice for any issues or queries
  • Dangerous structures
  • Covenant issues
  • Smells, noise and pollution – To report this click here
  • Fly tipping – To report this click here
  • Use of development on highways or pavements

Make sure your report is valid:

  • Some work on properties is classed as permitted development, and so does not need planning permission. There are further details of this on the Planning Portal.
  • You should search our Planning Register, to check if the works you are concerned about are already the subject of a planning application.
  • We also advise you to read about Planning Enforcement policy, before submitting a report.

If you are concerned about your own anonymity, please be advised that enforcement complaints are kept confidential, communication will be treated so far as possible on a confidential basis. In the event that this breach proceeds to the prosecution stage, your communication may become available for public inspection. We cannot accept anonymous reports. However, your Cllr or Parish Council can make a report on your behalf. 

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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