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Housing advice

My landlord wants me to leave

Most tenants and lodgers have some form of protection from eviction, landlords need to follow the proper steps before a tenant has to leave their accommodation. Check what type of agreement you have by using the Shelter Tenancy Rights Checker.  

Citizens Advice can help you understand the rights of a private tenant, or housing association tenant.  They can also help with other issues like debt, benefits, family or work matters.  Contact the local Citizens Advice for South Somerset directly.

If you are having difficulty paying your rent, remember to speak to your friends, family, local church, mosque or someone in your community who may be able to help.  See our useful information about Hardship and I'm falling behind with my rent.

Working with the council

It is important to get help and advice at the earliest opportunity, to see if a solution can be found and check the notice is valid. Do not wait until you have nowhere to stay, contact us when you become aware you could lose your accommodation or you receive a Section 21 Notice. This way we have more time to work with you, depending on the reason for the notice being served, we may be able to help you resolve the issue so you can remain in your property.

The first step is for you to provide us with some information about you and your situation.

Contact us for further support.

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