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Housing advice

Leaving care?

Leaving the care system can be tough, you need to get some information and advice:

For information about housing options for Care Leavers and the support available to you is available Somerset Care Leavers. There is lots of information on this site for you to get an understanding of your options.

You should always keep in contact with and speak to your Social Worker or Leaving Care Worker, especially if you think you have nowhere to stay.

If you do have nowhere to stay you need to contact us as soon as you know so we can advise you on your situation, contact us online or call 01935 462 462.

We will work with you to help you resolve your housing issues.

Housing Options for Care Leavers will vary and could include:

  • Staying where you are
  • Returning to your family
  • Supported accommodation - This can be a valuable stepping stone from a family setting into more independent accommodation, however this will always depend on availability.
  • Living independently - You may be advised on how to register for social housing and given advice on private rented accommodation locally.

There are other people and organisations that can help you with issues other than housing in your life such as:

YMCA Brunel Group (Mendip and South Somerset)

Mind in Somerset

Somerset Youth

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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