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Housing advice

I'm being harassed

Harassment or hate crimes are when somebody behaves in a way that makes you feel distressed, humiliated or threatened. It could be from someone you know, like a neighbour, landlord or it could be a stranger. Examples of why some people get harassed are: disability, race, religion or sexual orientation. 

Harassment or hate crime is unacceptable, talk to someone as soon as you can, don’t wait until things become unbearable and you feel you have to leave your home. If you live in Social Housing please contact your landlord as they are legally required to assist you. Some agencies can help you by carrying out safety work to your home, for example, fitting secure doors, changing locks etc.

If you are being harassed or threatened and feel you are in immediate danger contact the police on 999.

More general information on harassment and housing can be found on the Citizens Advice website.

Organisations that can offer advice & support:

Stand Against Racism& Inequality (SARI) 

Somerset LGBT 

National Disability support 

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